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2016 All-Star Event

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The Sports Beyond Senior All-Star Basketball Games are to recognize the senior players from the boys and girls basketball teams from the West Sound (Kitsap Peninsula).

We ask area coaches to nominate up to four seniors from their current team. Players are them selected and participants or alternates by the Sports Beyond advisory committee. We desire to have at least one player represented form each school when possible. 


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6 Shooting Drills

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How To Develop Into A Great Shooter - 6 Shooting Drills To Do At Every Workout

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When practicing, Stephen Curry must swish 5 out of 10 free throws.

Ray Allen is the first to the arena. Then he goes through a form shooting routine and progresses to 3-point shooting.

Great shooters have routines.

I believe the following shooting routine will help you develop into a great shooter or make you an even better shooter.


  • Maintains and develops sound shooting technique.
  • Develops consistency in your form.
  • Improves confidence

And quite simply, it just makes you a better shooter.

For youth and high school players or players looking to fix their shooting form, these progressions can be used in a shooting workout.

For advanced players, it's a great way to warm up and refine your shooting technique. That way, you stay consistent. That's why guys like Stephen Curry and Ray Allen do the "boring" form shooting drills every day.

We also want to add a shooting progression that we rarely see taught... we believe that this shooting progression will help a ton of players.

Personally, I added these unique progressions to my workouts this last year and it has dramatically improved players that I work with.

The Hop or the 1-2 Step

In the shooting progressions below, a 1-2 step is used.

Even if a shooter we train predominately hops, I still use these progressions with the 1-2 step. I found that it was the best way for me to teach the proper rhythm and coordination of the entire shot motion.

Then when we progress to drills with game shots, the player uses the hop. As a result, they have better rhythm and coordination with their shot.

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Gleich on Shooting

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Coach Gleich has developed proven techniques to improve a player's shooting consistency. Here are some ways to become a better shooter, more specifically, a better free throw shooter. Click here.


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