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Which Country Has Worst Sports Parents

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A Reuters/Ipsos survey of 23,000 adults in 22 countries found that more than 35 percent of adults worldwide have witnessed a physically and/or verbally abusive parent at a children’s sporting event.

So, where is the most unsavory behavior and conduct observed?

Could it be Italy, whose fans are known to be rather overzealous? (Nope, but they were third with 55 percent of respondents witnessing unsavory parental behavior.)

How about Argentina, whose soccer fans are renowned for their extracurricular activities? (Uh-uh, they were fourth at 54 percent.)

Ah, then it must be Australia. They can be a might rowdy. (Nah, they were sixth at 50 percent.)

Unfortunately, the statuette for worst parent conduct went to the U.S. with a shameful 60 percent.

“It’s ironic that the United States, which prides itself in being the most civilized country in the world, has the largest group of adults having witnessed abusive behavior at children’s sporting events,” said John Wright, Ipsos senior vice president.

Here is the entire list from worst parents (top) to best parents (bottom):

United States (60%)
India (59%)
Italy (55%)
Argentina (54%)
Canada (53%)
Australia (50%)
Spain (42%)
Belgium (39%)
Great Britain (37%)
Sweden (35%)
Germany (35%)
South Korea (34%)
Poland (32%)
China (31%)
Brazil (31%)
Russia (30%)
Netherlands (28%)
France (26%)
Japan (25%)
Mexico (25%)
Czech Republic (24%)
Hungary (16%)

[, 4/7/10]

Last Updated ( Friday, 11 June 2010 05:47 )